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    Default sale 34% Prestashop Restrict customer access to product by attribute, combination Mod

    Save time to add images to combination. You are faster to update or add image to combination.
    Demo User Guide : http://www.globosoftware.net/wp-cont...n-5.pdf?x86392
    Username: demo@demo.com
    Password: demodemo

    Nowadays, human beings are tending to sell the variety of merchandise with its different versions on the online market. Each of version can be called a combination that you will see the new changes of product specifications, such as: new colors, material, etc. Therefore, requiring a trick to set different product images for each combination is always a big problem to make your website more and more visual and friendly to users.

    If your question is being bumped against to how product images are easily associated with combinations, why don’t you install our Fast set image to combination module? You will see:

    The module is the best way to set different images to each combination. You can have done this scope by short steps in the use of the Fat set image to combination module.
    Because you cope with this task easily and quickly, you can save a lots your valuable time to add images for each combination. The Fast set image to combination module can also help you upload or remove images of each combination faster and more conveniently.
    Our Fast set image to combination module comprises solid functionality for refined combination handling.
    To learn more information about the Fast set image to combination module, please continue reading below



    Help save time

    With the Fast set image to combination module, you can efficiently configure images for each product combination. As you might have guessed, your working time on the task of product version management can reduce positively, but has still ensured the best result in increasing customers’ impression.

    Let us explain clearly through some examples


    Without the module: When you use “Product Combinations Generator”. After completing generate, you will have to select images for each combination by manually. So you must do 30 times if you have 30 combinations.

    If you install the module:

    Step 1: Select the image for attribute.

    Step 2: Use “Product Combinations”

    “Done”: The images will be automatically assigned to each combination of attribute. It will save much time for you.


    Without the module: When you have a new image for an exist product. You would like to assign an image to an attribute. You will have to edit 10 times if there are 10 combinations which has the attributes.

    If you install the module:

    Step 1: Upload a new image

    Step 2: Assign an attribute for a new image. Then the image will be automatically assigned to any combinations having the attributes. And you must not edit each combination to assign a new image.

    What your customer will like

    Coming to a usual and useful website which customers can simply look for wanted products with their variants showing with own images of each product variant. It is the greatest idea to minimalist trading process from merchandise selections to product ordering.

    Your online store with each product version is managed effectively by connections between images and combinations.
    link : prestashop product combination image module

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